marco villegas | artist

1969 Born Monterrey, N.L., Mexico
1986-1991 University of Houston, Houston, TX
Solo Exhibitions
2014 The Soaring Cost of a Single Breath, Front Gallery, Houston TX
2012 Did You Mean Utopia?, Meredith Long Gallery, Houston, TX
2010 Long Way She Wave Wall Drawings, Art League of Houston, Houston, TX
2010 Without the birds, without the breeze., Meredith Long Gallery, Houston, TX
2008 Long Way She Wave, Meredith Long Gallery, Houston, TX
2006 after the Wave., Meredith Long Gallery, Houston, TX
A way a lone a last a loved a long the riverrun…, Meredith Long Gallery, Houston, TX
2004 New Paintings, Meredith Long Gallery, Houston, TX
2002 [endus], Meredith Long Gallery, Houston, TX
2000 Flat latex paint on raw stretched canvas, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX
line etchings, Tembo/Cerling Printmaking Studio, Houston, TX
1998 dust, Etching Studio, Houston, TX
1997 economy, Sally Sprout Gallery, Houston, TX
1995 -cenizo-, Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, TX
-quete-, Lanning Gallery, Houston, Tx
1994 -pipiolopo-, El Palomar, Houston TX
curated by Dick Wray and Lucas Johnson
1993 Marco Villegas, Lanning Gallery, Houston, TX
Selected Group Exhibitions
2014 Origins, Zoya Tommy Contemporary, Houston TX
2012 In Plain Sight, McClain Gallery, Houston TX
2008 Thunder Within The Earth, Art League of Houston, Houston, TX
2007 Cherry Picked: 2007 Survey of Texas Art and Artist, Wichita Falls Museum of Fine Art, Wichita Falls, TX
2006 Collectors X3, Art League of Houston, Houston, TX
2005 Long Division, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX
Painting Attack, Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, TX
2004 Altered States, University of Texas-Dallas, Dallas, TX
2002 Summer Drawings, Mixture Gallery, Houston, TX
2000 Bibliolotech, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX
1999 Exquisite Corpse, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX
1996 Vernacular, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX
1995 Civil Disobedience, Lanning Gallery, Houston, TX
Emerging Artists, Bianca Lanza Gallery, Miami Beach, Florida; Curated by Edward Albee
1992 Debut, Lanning Gallery, Houston, TX
1991 New Zoo Review, Commerce St. Artist Warehouse, Houston, TX
Contemporary Hispanic Artist, O’Kane Gallery, University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, TX
1990 What I Found in Houston, Hiram Butler Gallery, Houston, TX; Curated by Edward Albee
2007 Bill Davenport, “Best Artists in Houston,” Glasstire, 1 Feb. 2007.
2006 Bill Davenport, “Marco Villegas, Meredith Long & Company,” Artlies 50, (Spring): 118.
2005 Aaron Parazette, “Searchers,” Artlies 47, (Summer): 20 – 28.
2001 Kelly Klaasmeyer, “Office Max,” The Houston Press, March 29 – April 4, 2001
Kelly Klaasmeyer, “Connect the Dots,” The Houston Press, January 18 – 24, 2001.
1994 Susan Chadwick, “Huevos Artistas,” The Houston Post, May 18, 1994.    
1993 Gulf Coast (Images selected by Jack Livingston), (Winter): 48 – 53.
1992 Museum and Arts Magazine, (July): 7.
“ART: See Variety of Choice Works – Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures,” The Houston Post, August 4, 1992.
Conferences / Symposia
2007 Panel Discussion: The Barnett Newman Symposium
The Menil Collection, 2007, Houston, TX
Visiting Artist Lectures
2007 The Artist Eye: Barnett Newman's Anna's Light
The Menil Collection, Houston, TX
Selected Collections
  Museum of Fine Arts, Houston,TX
Boise Art Museum, Boise, ID
Edward Albee

Marco Villegas
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